Georgia Center for Medical Robotics Seminar Series

Omer Inan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Tech

"Wearable Joint Health Sensing using Acoustics and Electrical Bioimpedance"

Longitudinally assessing the structural and physiological health of joints, such as the knee, can enable personalized rehabilitation following injuries or titration of care for patients with arthritis. Current technologies for joint health evaluation comprise physical examination by a trained clinician, medical imaging (e.g. magnetic resonance imaging, MRI), or wearable sensing systems focused on joint kinematics or overall actigraphy.

Our group has developed novel technologies for comprehensive joint health evaluation based on wearable measurement of the sounds emitted by joints during movement and electrical bioimpedance spectroscopy. This talk will describe our latest findings focused on elucidating the origin and physiological underpinnings of these measurements, development of algorithms for extracting meaningful digital biomarkers, and clinical validation studies in patients with acute knee injuries and arthritis.