Georgia Center for Medical Robotics (GCMR) Seminar Series

“A Seismic Shift in Wearable Robotics”

Rich Mahoney, Ph.D.


Seismic was founded in 2015 to commercialize technology developed at SRI International under the DARPA Warrior Web Program.  Rich will talk about Seismic's journey to first product, some of his own journey, and the ultimate vision for powered clothing.

Rich Mahoney's career looks like this: BS/MS ME Drexel U (I'm a Philly boy); PhD Cambridge, attended on a Fulbright; early Rehab Robotics KOL, but wanted to make products instead of research; did lots of SBIRs and eventually brought to market (2006) a robot for stroke therapy for the arms; moved to CA (2008) to be Director of Robotics at SRI; became founding president of Silicon Valley Robotics (a good way to meet fellow roboticists); led an amazing team doing lots of good work for DARPA and big companies, and spun out a few things (Abundant, Verb, Redwood, ...); founded Seismic to get back to doing real products (2015).